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Uncovering the Neural Mechanisms that

Regulate Neuroendocrine Function

Dr. Kellie Breen Church

  • KBC HeadshotKellie M. Breen Church, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor within the Department of OBGYN & Reproductive Sciences.
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About the Breen Church Lab

AVPV CRHR2 Kiss small cutThe overarching goal of the Breen Church Laboratory is to understand the development, organization and activation of neural circuits that control reproductive neuroendocrine hormone activity in males and females in both normal physiologic conditions and in conditions of disrupted homeostasis, also known as stress.
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News and Spotlights

Dr. McCosh receives an extension to his F32 NRSA Fellowship from NICHD.

Dr. Breen Church presents in Endocrine Grand Rounds.

Dr. Makowski's paper on Interleukin-1B is published in Journal of Endocrinology.

The Breen Church LH pulse Video hits 6000 views!

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